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    TDM Acting Studio
                   for young Actors  
develop -evolve - illuminate

                                                Mission Statement


TDM Acting Studio desires to build the strength of artistry and ignite the passion of each individual inherently obtains for the arts. Every single actor, dancer, playwright, sculpture brings a unique function to a production which is a reflection of how we operate in our world today. Our mission is to provide a unique experience to the developmental growth that will not only enhance their artistry but also improve who they are as people in society.





One of the greatest responsibilities we must uphold today is sharpening the hearts and minds of youth. We are preparing and raising up the next generation of Performing Artists, Supporters and Audience Members. TDM Acting Studio holds this honor with dignity and humility as we are serving visionaries of American theatre, film and television. Our vision is to strengthen, sculpt and develop young actors, performers and stage technicians as a community of legacy carriers through workmanship.

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TDM Acting studio: 
413 Campbell Ave., West Haven CT, 06516

Registration begins Monday, August 23rd at 9am! 


Class Schedule

Monday- The Theatre is Closed!

Tuesday- Private Only!

Wednesday- Improv, Exploring The Stage

Thursday- Exploring The Stage, Monologue Workshop

Friday- Intro to Audition Technique, Scene Study



Ages 5-7; Wednesday’s 5-5:45pm

Ages 8-12; Wednesday’s 7- 7:45pm

Ages Teen (HS)- depends upon student sign-ups


Exploring The Stage

Ages 5-7; Wednesday’s 6-6:35pm

Ages 8-12; Thursday’s 5- 5:45pm


Monologue Workshop

Ages 10-13; Thursday’s 6-7:00pm

Ages Teen (HS); Thursday’s 7:15- 8:15pm


Intro to Audition Technique

Ages Teen (HS); Friday’s 5:00- 6:00pm


Scene Study

Ages Teen (HS); Friday’s 6:15- 7:15pm



Class Descriptions


For both the explorer and experienced actor, Improv encourages each participant to explore, create, develop, collaborate and enhance their creative abilities as actors. A step outside of your comfort zone as an ensemble member.

Improvisation promotes memorization, creativity, quick on your feet movement, collaboration, trust and confidence. Improv also builds leadership, effective listening, call, and response as well as confidence.


Exploring The Stage: Theater Class!

This is a one-of-a-kind class TDM Acting studio offers, for young actors who desire to learn the basics of the theatre. An interactive way of learning, stage language/direction, fundamentals, and careers in the theater.

Exploring The Stage promotes the enhancement of theater vocabulary, career paths in theater, developmental growth, an understanding of operations and community.


Monologue Workshop

Each actor will workshop a comedic and dramatic monologue, they will be challenged to improve upon script analysis, breaking down the text, presentation, and performance. This is for the actor’s who audition, want to be prepared for auditions, or desire to expand their actor’s palates. (Beneficial for college, film/tv, competitions both acting and oratorical). *Presentation of monologues after the completed session.

Monologue Workshop promotes:

Confidence, resumé building, versatility, articulation, honesty, trust, and understanding of character/text.


Scene Study

For young actors looking to enhance their skills both in front of the camera and onstage. This course will challenge them to work as professionals with scene partners to explore, listen, understand the language of the text and convey emotion through different characters. Scene study also improves upon effective communication, listening and leadership abilities. * Presentation of scenes after the completed session.

Scene Study promotes:

Collaboration/Teamwork, empathy, understanding people and language, professionalism, versatility and strengthening acting abilities.


Intro: Audition Technique

This class will explore experiences through the lenses of professional actors who audition. From slating to presentation for both in-person and virtual auditions, we will dive into audition techniques for each actor on every level.

Intro: Audition Technique promotes:

Confidence building, preparedness for auditions, insight into the audition process, and readiness.



Private Coaching: Tuesday’s Only!

For actors looking for one-on-one coaching experience in preparation for an audition, a role, character study and enhancing skills.



The Call Sheet!

Each month actors will be given a “Call Sheet.” It will feature updates for parents/guardians/friends, with insight on how each actor has improved as well as how they can improve to become even better.


Sessions & Tuition

Session 1

  • 7 weeks (Oct. 5th- Nov. 19th)

  • 11 weeks (Oct. 5th- Dec. 17th)


Session 2

  -     6 weeks (Jan. 10th- Feb. 18th)

  • 12 weeks (Jan. 10th- April 1st)

  • 16 weeks (Jan. 10th -April 29th)

  • Extended classes for ages 13+


Ages 5-7

$20 per weekly class/ $80 per month

Ages 8+

$25 per weekly class/ $100 per month

$40 per weekly 2 classes/$180 per month 

Private- 30 min-$30/60 min- $100



Waiting in the Wings: Classes Coming SOON!

  • Stage Management: Stage Hands

  • Breathing & Voice

  • Audition Technique 1

  • Audition Technique 2

  • On-Camera Acting

  • The Industry: Acting Business

  • The Casting Directors Workshop

  • 3, 2, 1…. Action!: Directing Class

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