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Speak Life IGTV Series

  Speak Lifeexplores women at the forefront of the Pro-Life, Whole-Life Movement. With life experiences ranging from childhood to womanhood; these activists shatter stereotypes by using their personal stories to raise awareness with a dedication to the holistic well-being of families. Through post-abortive counseling, foster care advocacy, supplying maternal/paternal resources, maternal justice, immigration justice, entrepreneurship, filmmaking, literature, legislative work amongst other things, passion for people is evident through their life work. Pro-Life takes a whole new meaning. The goal is to educate and enlighten by exploring conversations with compassion.

Real Dialogue. Real Women. Real Stories. 

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"After listening to the voices of young women, providing the best support by way of educational and communal resources is essential. My mission is to fight for what is often not granted to women. The power of life is based upon an exceptional amount of choices we offer women."  -Trenee' 

Trenee' testifying on behalf of Pregnancy Centers in the

State of Connecticut in opposition to SB-835.


"If I were asked to do this, this time last year, I wouldn’t have been brave enough. But stories like the ones I hear daily from young and seasoned women; there is no way I couldn’t stand 

for them. Particularly, women who look like me. 


I commend every single legislator/elected

official who sat through 12 hours of testimonies.

Beyond admirable. t was amazing when we all shared

agreeable moments because it’s all for the betterment and support of and for women."  -Trenee'


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