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Councilwoman McGee


    On December 1st, 2019, Treneé was sworn in as Councilwoman of the 7th District in West Haven, CT. She became the youngest in her town's council history to assume this position. She lends her voice to racial and socioeconomic equality with a passion for the wholeness of families within her community. She Chairs the West Haven Community Alliance and Co-authored West Haven's Resolution declaring racism a public health crisis.

Councilwoman Trenee' co-organized protest in support of racial equality. West Haven, Connecticut. June 2020

Councilwoman McGee shares her journey from studying acting in college to leading an on-campus protest and discussion in support of racial justice. She shares her "Black History Story" to encourage and inspire young hopefuls to pursue their passions in politics and career paths. 

West Haven Celebrates its 100th Year of Establishment in June 2021.


Councilwoman McGee highlights and celebrates #100WestHavenYouth #100Under30 who have inspired people around them. Each nominee was spotlighted on social media and inspired to keep going! 

Councilwoman McGee speaks on

West Haven Green during a protest in honor

of victims of police brutality. 

June 3rd, 2020 

"West Haven we must begin to unite in

peace against what we have created here. Petition and protest against systemic racism

in our schools, departments, businesses,

civil services and on the streets." 

- Councilwoman Trenee' McGee


Trenee' pictured 

at West Haven's

First Council

Meeting of the


political year. 

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